About Neo-Primordial

soundofonehandclappingThe Sound of One Hand Clapping (2012)

Some time many tens of thousands of years ago, the first artists held their hands to the rock and took the first steps in discovering something greater than themselves. In those silhouettes and hand prints, they were reflecting upon their own existence. When others placed their own hands over the remnants of the hands, they were connecting themselves to people not physically present  but still present in their memories and feelings. This was the genesis of art in culture.

The use of art to connect across time and place was a uniquely human thing to do. While a peacock may do a dance and monkey may smear paint, no other animal is able to use the creation of another to reflect upon their own existence and accumulate reflections in the minds of others across time, generations and place.

In the Neo-Primordial series, I often like to think about that genesis, how far we have come from it, how we are still connected to it and how much we have lost from it. Referring to it as Neo-primordial is an oxymoron in one sense but in another, it encapsulates the life that is born from others – as is all life and all creation.

5 thoughts on “About Neo-Primordial

  1. Chad, I tweeted to you as you’re following us, and was looking for an email but commenting here seems best I can do:) Really like this geometric expressionism; would like to represent you in August’s Woven Tale Press issue. (Also enjoy those studio images, maybe we can do something with that, a feature on our site…) email me if interested at editor@thewoventalepress.net ref this page url. Thank you, Sandra Tyler Editor-in-Chief

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