About Me


About me

I am an internationally recognised artist whose work is held in numerous private and public collections. I had my first group exhibition in 1999, first solo in Beijing in 2007, another in Beijing in 2008, was part of the Beijing Olympic Art Exhibition in 2008, had my Australian solo in 2009 and another solo in 2010. Since my last solo, I have been involved in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and abroad.

If I were to identify a constancy running through my work I’d say it is a kind of blend of sociological and psychological explorations fusing with emotion in a kind of visual mediation. I tell people that I paint like a caveman, but that could mean many different things.


Chad Swanson

Email: artofchad@hotmail.com
Twitter: @artofchad

Education   1995 -1997               Australian National University,  Canberra, Australia
Bachelor of Arts – Majors in Psychology and Sociology
Solo exhibitions
  • 2010  Meeting Place – Belconnen Community Centre  (Canberra)
  • 2009 Meeting van Gogh –Belconnen Arts Centre (Canberra)
  • 2008 Foreigners in Hutongs –Third Kind Hutung (Beijing)
  • 2006 – The Artist’s Mind –Beijing Language and Culture University (Beijing)
International exhibitions and art festivals
  • 2015 Nine Realms Cambride UK
  • 2012 Flag Art Zeitouni Bay, Beirut Lebanon
  • 2008 Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition Forbidden City and Beijing Exhibition Centre Beijing
Select group exhibitions and festivals in Australia
  • 2015 Art, Not Apart 2015 Canberra
  • 2011 Blake Prize, Directors Cut
  • 2011 Creative Alchemy Belconnen Art Centre
  • 2011 Footprints Belconnen Art Centre
  • 2011 Foco Belconnen Art Centre
  • 2010 Out of Strathnairn Belconnen Arts Centre (Canberra)
  • 2009 The Black Square CIT 2009 (Canberra)
  • 2010 The Woolshed Strathnairn Arts Centre
  • 2010 -2012 Queenbeyan Regional Art Show, Civic Walk Canberra
  • 2010 Belco Bizarre at Belconnen Arts Centre Canberra
  • 2009 The Edge Strathnairn Arts Centre
  • 2001  Journey, Spiral Arm Gallery (Canberra)


  • Radio 2XX August 2010
  • Panorama, Canberra Times, July 2010
  • Curio May 2010
  • Panorama, Canberra Times October 2009
  • The Australian October 2009
  • Catalogue – Collection of Olympic Fine Arts 2008
  • 2010 – 12 Olympic Fine Arts Association
  • 2009-2010 Strathnairn Arts Association
  • 2009 Canberra Contemporary Art Space
  • 2008 – 2009 OWAA Open World Artists Association
  • 2005 Contemporary Collectors Benefactors Committee. Art Gallery of NSW


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you so much for adding me to twitter. If not I would not have found your blog and found an incredibly articulated way of explaining something fairly similar to my own work. I have just read your post about education and society, loved the quote used from William Blake and totally agree with your statement. I really will look forward to reading your posts and most probably learning a great deal from then. I love your work by the way. I have just begun a reading a book called “travels through the paint box” and the origins of colours in Aboriginal art is the first chapter. The way in which the indigenous peoples looked upon the artwork and its production was something quite beautiful. It was a spiritual practice and need almost. Some of your work reminds of that a little.

    • Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for the feedback.I must say that I am a big admirer of the role that art plays in indigenous cultures. Jung had an interesting take when he suggested that indigenous art made great use of the archetypes that we all shared. His view was based on a kind of totemic art he created as a teenager which he later saw had great similarities to art in various indigenous cultures. As a psychologist, his archetype theories tried to rationale art in logical terms but when he made his initial, he was motivated by something beyond the rational. I sometimes feel the same myself as I access something inside then try to logically define it only to then decide that maybe some things are beyond the realm of logic.

      Aside from the archetypes, I think the cultural approach to art creation seen in indigenous cultures. Something that is created is of a culture and in turn speaks to a culture. In this way, the audience itself is part of the art. In a way, contemporary art in industrialized is also of a culture and is intended to speak to a culture but it tends to be governed by a myth of individuality so that art should be an immaculate conception. Furthermore, once myths of subversion and innovation are added, often the artist almost seems to feel the need to spin themselves out of an orbit, which leads to alienation.

  2. It is a thrill to discover you via Twitter and now on WordPress. This is my new favorite blog. I’m so looking forward to exploring your posts here online. Thank you for the follow.

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