Which artist would you want to be? #artquestion

warholmaoOne of Andy Warhol’s Maos

So if you could be any artist from history, who would you want t be? For this question, you can’t be yourself as that makes things boring. So here is a quick run down of the artists I considered while considering the question.

Vincent Van Gogh – Cold, lonely and hungry most of the time but the sense of satisfaction involved in making that work, wow!

Leonardo Da Vinci – Celebrated but he only made a few paintings and rarely finished other work because working within restraints of a commission is tedious. Overall, an unrewarding career if it were me.

Marcel Duchamp – Hugely influential and a fun approach to art but preoccupation with playing chess suggests a certain boredom with art making. Not me.

Takeshi Murakami – Search for inspiration would give me a good excuse to read more manga and money gives freedom for jet setting. I like it.

Warhol – Great parties and lots of money but making pictures of soup cans over and over again….boring!

Brett Whiteley – Great art but too dependent upon drugs for their creation. I like my mind.

Salvador Dali – Great satisfaction in making art but being a sociopath would be a high price to pay

Lucinda Freud – Satisfying to create work of that quality,


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